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The 1931 International Workers' Olympiads in Vienna

In his journal, Ben-Gurion describes the preparations for the departure of the “Hapoel” delegation to the Socialist Olympics that took place in Vienna in 1931.


Ben-Gurion Diary, March 17, 1931


August 2021

olympic games 1931
olympic games 1932

“Hetz Mi’Sylvie Keshet”

The column “Hetz Mi’Sylvie Keshet” [Sylvie Keshet Shoots an Arrow] was published in the 1960s in Haaretz newspaper (and, later, in Yediot Aharonot). Sylvie Keshet, known for her scathing and biting criticism, would haul even public figures over the coals. In 1969, she published a book under the same name as the column, and as it turns out, not even Ben-Gurion could remain indifferent to the journalist’s critique.


Correspondence, April 1969


July 2021

“Hetz Mi’Sylvie Keshet”